Nursing Services

Family Care Solutions is committed to providing quality, individualized in-home care allowing the patient to remain independent and free of hospitalization.

  • Skilled Nursing

    Our Nurses provide any level of home care needed including medication management, IV therapy, wound care management, diabetic education, and other skilled services. 

  • Case Management

    Case Managers meet with you to understand your needs. They supervise our staff, arrange for equipment and/or supplies if needed, and coordinate all your services.

  • Medication Management

    Our nurses set up and monitor pill planners in the patient’s home to determine if a patient is compliant with ordered medications.

    Why is this services provided?

    A patient that has a memory deficit due to age, dx, traumatic brain injury etc. may not be able to remember how, when or what medications they are to be taking. They also may not know the effectiveness of the medication.

    A patient may not physically be able open pill bottles or may not be able to appropriately place medications in a pill planner due to poor dexterity or tremors. This can cause half of the pills to end up on the floor.

  • Baths and Personal Cares

    Our CNAs assist individuals with bathing and personal cares.

    Why is this service provided?

    Bathrooms are a high risk area for falls!!

    Some patients with physical disabilities OR weakness/fall risk can’t bathe themselves safely. Our job at FCS is to assist individuals with bathing needs to prevent injury from occurring that would cause an increased level of care like hospitalization or nursing home placement.

    A patient with an intellectual disability might(or might not) get in the shower a few times a week but lack the ability to know how to wash themselves. They may get out of the shower without shampooing hair or actually washing themselves.

    A morbidly obese patient may not be able to wash appropriately and can get skin infections, which leads to wounds, infections, and hospitalization… being clean is important!

    We understand that most patients want to remain in their home and we are here to make that happen!

  • Therapy

    Family Care Solutions has Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists to provide all therapy needs. This includes strengthening and conditioning post surgery or stroke.

  • Home Health Nursing Services - Intake Referral Form

    Are you or your loved one interested in receiving Home Health Nursing Services? CLICK HERE to start the process by filling out the intake referral form.