Director of Clinical Services

I’ve been a nurse with Family Care Solutions since 2013. I enjoy seeing our patients and could not ask for a better population to serve. Working for Family Care Solutions has provided me the opportunity to utilize my nursing skills and ensure patients are cared for at the level they deserve!

Kelly White, RN

Nurse Case Manager

I have been an RN for 10 years, with 5 of those years have been in the role of a Home Health Nurse for individuals with disabilities. I enjoy my job at Family Care Solutions because I am surrounded by others that share the same compassion, and desire to help others. My coworkers, and work environment are always positive!

Tienna glenn, RN

Nurse Case Manager

I have been Registered Nurse for 12 years, with varying experience with my primary focus being Home Health. Working for FCS never feels like work. The patients we serve and the staff truly make coming to work one of the best parts of my day. Beyond blessed to be a part of such a great team.

Diana Meyer, rn

Nurse Case Manager

I have been a nurse for 3 years and I just started with Family Care Solutions in 2021. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a nurse is being able to make personal connections and relationships with your patients. Knowing that my care, touch and time can help a patient make it through the day or night is very rewarding. At family care solutions, I experience all the most wonderful parts of the nursing career field. I absolutely love everything this company stands for and does for the community. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful group of people, which is more like a family. 

Samantha Lewis, RN

I am still a fairly new grad. I am learning every day of how I can be better. I work with some amazing people and the best part about nursing is that it is always evolving. We all are constantly learning.

Sherry Krause, RN

Working at FCS allows me to work independently with one patient. Everyone seems to work as family towards one common goal which is patient care. I enjoy watching my patients grow and working in their homes to enhance improvement to their health. The greatest part of my job would be putting beautiful smiles on the patients and their families.

Taylour Helgeson, RN

"Returning to FCS once I received my nursing degree was a great decision that I have enjoyed dearly! Being able to develop relationships that began when I was a home health aide to now as a nurse has made me a better healthcare professional and a person. I love the message and purpose of FCS and can’t wait to keep growing that purpose! "

TiNa Gutierrez, LPN

I love working for FCS because of the satisfaction I get from helping people everyday. I really enjoy the team I work with also.

Rubi sindt, lpn

"I always knew I wanted to work in healthcare. I fell in love with nursing when I saw how much of a difference they make with patients. My favorite part of caring for our patients at FCS is watching them grow and be more confident in their skills with our help. "

Denise johnson-Deitrick, RN

Rose graves, rn

Tamera tinderholt, rn

Ruthanne henry, rn

Jennifer mejia-kingery, Physical therapist

hannah trudell, HHA

"Trying to pick a specific reason why I love this job is almost impossible, but I'd have to say it's the connections I make with the people I work with and my clients that make this job so fulfilling. I started working for FCS when I turned 16 and I left shortly after graduating high school thinking I needed a change, but I decided to come back because I missed it so much! I'm so excited to be back and continue to make new memories, more connections, and grow as a caregiver doing something I love! "

Patti Finnegan, HHA

I have 2 sons in college and in my time off like to be outdoors, read a good book, and visit family in the Chicago suburbs. I have been with FCS for 3 years. I have enjoyed getting to know many of our patients and clients and try to bring a bit of happiness and sunshine to their day. It is a privilege to be able to help people and their families. I also like helping to train new FCS staff and assisting with special projects in the office when needed.

Kelli Clay, HHA

In the two years I have spent working for Family Care Solutions I have had an amazing experience. I am able to work for a company that provides great flexibility so I am able to maintain a job and be a mother at the same time. Family Care Solutions is a phenomenal company. It gives me great joy to assist those in need and be employed for such a company that is compassionate and understanding. I am inspired by the love that Christ has shown me and my hope is to be a blessing in the lives of others.

Teresa Dominguez, HHA

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world." Bill Wilson..
My experience working at FCS has been the most life altering experience for me personally. The rewards are endless. The administration is one of a kind and the patients are superb! I appreciate FCS for allowing me the opportunity to do what I do best! #BESTJOBEVER

Corynna Hugunin, HHA

I am a very caring and outgoing individual. My favorite thing is helping and meeting new people. I love working for FCS because this company has given me the opportunity to meet the kindest people!

Jerry Jensen, HHA

I have worked with children with disabilities for over 40 years now! My current client is a child in his heart and soul. Being around him and caring for him can actually calm me sometimes when I am feeling stressed!!! All the staff I have met and encountered at FCS seem to REALLY CARE for their work! It's not just a job!!

ShaKayla easley, hha

Chris LIagre, HHA

I've been employed by FCS for many years. I know that all of the people who have worked for this company over the many years have always had my best interest in mind. I believe every day is a good day to serve clients. The staff are always there to help me with whatever I need. There's not enough space or words to describe the blessings this company has done for me, from paperwork to scheduling - and in many other ways to help me be the person I am . I appreciate everything, from their compassion to understanding.

Mercedes jackson, pca

Telis garcia, hha

Aviana Rice-Miller, hha

I love working at FCS. The care they have for their staff is amazing. My favorite part of the job is seeing how happy our clients are by spending even a little bit of time with them. I love helping people and this is the perfect job for that. 

Samantha Swihart, HHA