Some of our current and previous staff share their thoughts and experiences during their time working at FCS!

  • Tillea, Direct Support

    "I’m from Phoenix, Arizona and have a sheepadoodle named Joseph who is my best friend and partner in crime! I moved to Iowa to go to grad school at St. Ambrose University and am studying speech pathology. I love my job at FCS because I love making others happy and seeing them smile. it brings such joy to my life and I am so thankful I have this job."


  • Pam,  Direct Support

    "It’s hard to pinpoint one solid reason that I love working for FCS! I will say this, I love the diversity of working with individuals both young and old! I have enjoyed meeting new people almost on a weekly basis! The staff work very hard to work with you and create a schedule that the staff are comfortable with. Never hesitate to ask if you have a problem or question! Although this job can be a bit challenging at times, and will test your patience, hang in there, the rewards are far greater than the challenge. About me: I have worked with individuals with special abilities for over 25 years! This is a clientele that I really enjoy!"


  • Alyssa, Direct Support

    "I enjoy feeling like the work I do actually matters. I've never had another job where I felt my contribution did so much to help someone else."


  • Arriaja. Direct Support

    "I love working for family care because it makes me happy to make a difference in others’ lives. To see the work that you put into others help them blossom is amazing. Nothing can beat seeing a client or resident smile because you’ve helped them get to a point where they can now do things on their own that they originally needed help doing."


  • Danielle, Nurse Case Manager

    "I am a nurse case manager and I love almost everything about this job. I came here after being a nurse for only about a year and our patients have taught me how to be more kind and compassionate towards everyone, and to appreciate the little things in life. Our patients are an absolute joy to be around and are hands down the reason why I do what I do. We also have an incredible team of really hard workers who genuinely love and care for our patients. Our patients and our people make it easy to come to work in the morning."


  • Kyla, Home Health Aide

    "Family Care solutions has been absolutely great working around my school schedule! They always check in to make sure that I’m not overwhelmed and to see how my life is going! Everyone is super kind and understanding and are always super helpful whenever I have questions. I truly love working with FCS!"


  • Ally, Home Health Aide

    “My experience at FCS has been nothing short of incredible. Every aspect of my job has real meaning. I am not just another staff; I am part of a great team. My clients and patients literally teach me something new every day and that’s rewarding in itself. No two people are the same and learning new ways to assist to my best ability has been so fun. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work for such a caring and understanding company. Family Care Solutions goes above and beyond to make sure I am doing well whether it be working or at home.”


  • Jennifer, HHA

    "My name is Jennifer and I started with Family Care Solutions at the end of March 2019. I am a CNA and starting with FCS I was discouraged and angry with the healthcare field. I debated hanging up my scrubs, go back to school for a career where I would never work with people again. I started with FCS because I felt it would help fit into my schedule when I did eventually start school again. But after only being with them for a week I realized FCS was not like any other place that I worked for before, they were kind, compassionate and caring about their staff and in the healthcare field you just don't find that. Fast forward a couple months in I am LOVING what I do. I love the people I work with, helping people find their place in a large community like the Quad Cities is amazing. I am happy to see my clients every single day. I am also dealing with some personal issues too and the health of a family member and Family Care has been amazing with that, helping me with covering shifts if needed and just being a support for me and somewhere I can go if it gets to be too much. I now am no longer discouraged, no longer angry with the field I chose, I found a new passion in life and being a CNA and I am no longer looking into going to school to "hide" from people."


  • Heather, Waiver Case Manager

    "When I came across the job posting for FCS in 2015, it looked like the perfect job for me. Once I started, I realized just how perfect it fit the title of a “Dream Job”. Every day is a new experience and each family brings something different to the table! Each individual has their own challenge that we help them to overcome. I left for a year and tell people that I came right back “home”. FCS is that for me – a second family. A place where I can be myself and exert my passion towards helping others reach their goals. Getting paid is just a bonus! The true reward is the job itself and the population we serve. They say to do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!"


  • Ellen, Direct Support

    "My favorite part of my job as a direct support professional is participating in the special relationships formed with clients. It is such a joy to see individuals growing in self-confidence and accomplishing personal goals within their daily lives. I have been working part time for 1.5 years as a full time graduate student and greatly appreciate the flexibility that is offered to me. The work environment is not only professional, but super friendly! I will always have very special memories with those I've met while working for FCS."


  • Dexter, Direct Support

    "I would have never thought that my time at FCS was going to be so impactful in my life. When I first started at FCS, I honestly expected a routine job that would ultimately be mundane and I wouldn’t really get much out of it. I came to FCS looking for a job that might help me with experience in my nursing path, but I got so much more. I learned not only how to help my clients, but I learned how to interact with them individually. Not all of my clients were the same and that challenged me to sometimes find clever ways to be the best staff I could. Seeing progress in my client’s goals was probably the most rewarding part of my time at FCS. I knew when I was doing a good job when I could see the progress that my clients were making. Overall, working at FCS was definitely the best job I’ve ever worked and if my schooling didn’t require me to move I would continue working there. I cannot put into words how much I have grown through this experience and I am so grateful for Family Care Solutions giving me this opportunity."


  • Reileigh, Direct Support

    "FCS is an amazing place to work for and my only complaint is that I wasn’t able to stay for longer! I began working for FCS as a senior in college and finished out my senior year at Augustana as one of their employees. Not only are they flexible and understandable of a college student’s schedule but remember things and ask you how you are doing! Along with this the clients are amazing people and a joy to work with! Definitely one of the best jobs I’ve ever had! Definitely going to miss my FCS family."