Keeley Welsh

Director of Waiver HCBS Waiver Services

I know first-hand from having a sister with special needs growing up how important in-home care is not only for the individual, but for the family as well. My sister passed away 6 years ago but I feel like I was called upon to continue coordinating services as a tribute to her. This is why I am passionate about providing quality services and I am proud of the caring, dedicated individuals FCS has on its entire team.

Tabbatha Lancaster

Waiver Case Manager

"Helping people achieve their greatest potential is my passion and I’m excited to join the Family Care Solutions team as a Waiver Case Manager. Having worked in home health previously, I understand how important these services are for the individuals and their families. I’m looking forward to working with the team to provide the quality care they deserve."

Ashton Welser

Waiver Case Manager

I enjoy working for Family Care because it’s a fun and welcoming environment. It’s great to see how excited the clients get for FCS activities and to see them make progress on goals.

Kellie schricker

Waiver Case Manager

Ryleigh robertson, dss

I am a junior at Moline High School and I run cross country and track. What I enjoy most about working for FCS is getting to know each of my clients and spending time with them in the community. It is also a very positive and flexible work environment.

Arianna matthews, dss

"I’m Arianna Matthews a student at Rock Island high school that enjoys trying new things and meeting new people. A few of the things I enjoy most about working with Family Care Solutions is that I get to make others happy, try new things/meet new people, make long lasting memories and overall just enjoy/look forward to going to work."

Sophie Alexander, DSS

“I am a junior at Augustana College and I love being able to come to FCS and know the clients will always put a smile on my face. After a long day in classes I am always so excited to come to work and make a positive impact in these peoples lives. I am incredibly thankful to work at such an amazing place with amazing clients and supportive coworkers” 

Jewelry Thornton, dss

"My name is Jewelry Thornton and I'm from moline IL. I recently just graduated from the

University of Illinois majoring in psychology and minored social work. In my free time I like to hang/travel with my friends and boyfriend. I really enjoy seeing the enjoyment on the clients faces when we do activities "

Emma croxton, dss

"As a high school student finding a job that works around your busy life is hard, however that’s one of the reasons I love FCS. They have such a great positive environment for everyone there! Everyone is willing to lend you a helping hand. Mainly, I love it because I know that what I do makes an impact. It doesn’t feel like I’m actually working and I am excited to spend time with clients for every single shift. "

TAylor Young, dss

"I am a second year occupational therapy student at St. Ambrose and start my clinical rotations in June! I've truly enjoyed my time working at FCS as I get to have one-on-one interaction with clients and experience working with people with disabilities to prepare for my future job as an OT."

Malinda Sharp, dss

"Hi! My name is Malinda Sharp. I started this job at the end of my senior year of high school. For my whole life, I would always say that I want to make a positive difference in the world and in other people's lives. That is exactly what this job does. This job makes having a job a lot of fun and gives me something to look forward to."

fatima dominguez, dss

"Hello Everyone! My name is Fatima Dominguez. I am currently a senior at Augustana college on the pre-law track. I will be moving to Houston Texas in June to be a foster mom to abused/neglected children. What I have enjoyed most about working at FCS has been seeing my clients happy and smiling. It warms my heart seeing my clients have a good time as they enjoy several activities that they are involved in throughout the week."

alecea mendoza, dss

zellina hampton, dss

heather maddasion, dss

Myles mccauley, dss

Madelyn Sprague, DSS

Daianna Biswell, DSS