Keeley Welsh

Director of Waiver HCBS Waiver Services

I know first-hand from having a sister with special needs growing up how important in-home care is not only for the individual, but for the family as well. My sister passed away 6 years ago but I feel like I was called upon to continue coordinating services as a tribute to her. This is why I am passionate about providing quality services and I am proud of the caring, dedicated individuals FCS has on its entire team.

Heather Maddasion

Waiver Case Manager

I am a busy-body mom that tries to keep up with her toddlers while managing that work/life balance! This job gives me so much joy whether it’s hearing what new ideas staff bring to the table or seeing the progress our clients have made over the years. I feel very blessed to work for such a great company while helping others find the passion they never knew they had for this field!

Ashton Welser

Waiver Case Manager

I enjoy working for Family Care because it’s a fun and welcoming environment. It’s great to see how excited the clients get for FCS activities and to see them make progress on goals.

Emeline Baumann, dss

I've been working with FCS since February 2020. I love working with FCS because not only are all the staff friendly and understanding, but my clients are what get me up every day. I love being someone they can count on and look up to. It's like hanging out with friends every day and helping them in their daily lives. It is also such a relief not working in customer service anymore too ;)

Kyla Wilson, DSS

I am a student working towards my bachelor’s degree in Social Work and I enjoy supporting individuals to help them fulfill their goals. I enjoy working for FCS because it allows me to get some experience in a field that is focused on goals with specific clients and they really care about their team and clients

Mitchell Simmons, DSS

Becky Gillespie, DSS

I am a mom, a supporter of Special Olympics, and I love encouraging others to succeed in doing their best by helping them learn and grow to be stronger in mind and body for good health and living that is fun and something to be proud of for their lifestyle. It has been my pleasure working for the company for the past 4+ years. What I love about my job is the variety of activities that I get to participate in with the clients as individuals and in group settings, and I also enjoy all the smiling faces!

Jen Wicks, dss

I love my husband, my family, my friends, and my rescue dog, Zoe, very much! (I love winter too!) Every day I try to make people laugh and bring positivity to their lives. Life is too short for negativity. I truly love it here at FCS .The staff and clients are awesome everyone seems like an extension of my family!

hannah trudell, dss

"Trying to pick a specific reason why I love this job is almost impossible, but I'd have to say it's the connections I make with the people I work with and my clients that make this job so fulfilling. I started working for FCS when I turned 16 and I left shortly after graduating high school thinking I needed a change, but I decided to come back because I missed it so much! I'm so excited to be back and continue to make new memories, more connections, and grow as a caregiver doing something I love! "

sadie steward, dss

Tyler wilson, dss

Mallory olszak, dss

Azalea Ceja, DSS