HCBS Waiver

Family Care Solutions provided services for individuals enrolled in the following waivers: Intellectual Disability, Elderly, Health Disability, Brain Injury, Physical Disability, and AIDS/HIV. 

  • Supports Intake Referral Form

    Are you or your loved one interested in receiving Support Services? CLICK HERE to start the process by filling out the intake referral form.

  • Respite

    FCS provides respite care for those who care for a dependent living in their home. FCS Staff can allow the caregiver a break from caring for their loved one so they can care for themselves!

  • SCL (Supported Community Living)

    We provide Supported Community Living services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or brain injuries.

    Why is this service provided?

    FCS Staff works on goals with these individuals to enhance their independence! FCS Staff takes our clients into the community to work on goals such as: social skills, stranger danger, safety skills, money management, purchasing items, healthy eating choices, exercise, and many more community based goals.

    We strive to help our clients reach their highest level of  independence!

  • IMMT (Interim Medical Monitoring and Treatment)

    FCS Provides care for children (under the age of 20) with a medical condition that prohibits them from attending typical daycare while the parent/guardian is at school or work.

    Why is this service provided?

    This alleviates the stress of finding alternate daycare. FCS Staff are trained and excited to provide care for your loved one.

  • CDAC (Consumer Directed Attendant Care)

    FCS Staff provides support services (CDAC) for individuals who have physical disabilities or conditions that do not allow for these individuals to do things they would be able to do without the disability or condition.

    Why is this service provided? 

    FCS staff can provide assistance with meal prep, toileting, transportation, and housekeeping. Other services in addition to these are available!

  • Homemaker

    Services provided when the consumer lives alone or when the person who usually preforms these functions for the consumer needs assistance with preforming the functions. This includes light house keeping tasks such as: light cooking, light cleaning, etc.