HCBS Waiver

Family Care Solutions provided services for individuals enrolled in the following waivers: Intellectual Disability, Elderly, Health Disability, Brain Injury, Physical Disability, and AIDS/HIV. 

  • Supports Intake Referral Form

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  • Respite

    Short-term or temporary care of a loved one to provide relief, or respite, to the regular care giver.

  • SCL (Supported Community Living)

    Assistance with daily living needs. This may include, but is not limited to: Personal and home skills, community skills, personal needs, transportation, and treatment services.

  • IMMT (Interim Medical Monitoring and Treatment)

    Monitoring and treatment of a medical nature requiring specially trained caregivers beyond what is normally available in a day care setting for persons age 20 and under. IMMT can only be done in the home or in a licensed day care setting, It does not include transportation.

  • CDAC (Consumer Directed Attendant Care)

    Assistance to the consumer with self-care tasks, which the consumer would typically do independently if the consumer was otherwise able.

  • Homemaker

    Services provided when the consumer lives alone or when the person who usually preforms these functions for the consumer needs assistance with preforming the functions.